Zuperzozial Art Direction by Zoe Alakija

02 October 2019

Art Director and UCL Master's student Zoe Alakija has launched a recipe book titled It's Not What It Looks Like as her final project for those yet to venture into the popular dimension of Veganism. It features common dishes such as pizzas, subways and desserts which are usually made with animal or animal-product ingredients. Zoe cleverly combined the idea of consumers eating with their eyes, bold food colours and pastel backgrounds to encourage food lover's in-take of vegan meals. 


The key factor behind this project is the changing state of our climate and using diet as a strong responsible force to reduce the direct harmful impact towards our planet. This is where our highest-growing eco-friendly brand Zuperzozial came into play to push this narrative forward for Alakija's recipe book. A number of the tableware products, made from bamboo and corn were featured in the book which effectively presented natural foods like betroot, wasabi and coconut. One of Zuperzozial's signature pastel colours, powder blue was beautifully matched with Vietnamese rice noodle vegetarian wraps. 

This collaboration is an exciting project that can push people to talk about environmental responsibility. Zuperzozial have announce they plan to design products that are 100% natural without using melamine resin yet capable of survivng in the dishwasher. With veganism on the rise and constant political action from younger generations we truly look forward to what the design industry is contributing towards social-environmental change. 

Words from Zoe 
"This body of work was made for all colourful people and for food-lovers who prefer unique, artisan approach to eating multicultural and multi colourful food."



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