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01 September 2015

The British Science Festival is a chance for leading academics from across the UK to get together and discuss all the latest ideas that will undoubtedly shape our future. To celebrate this incredible festival of discovery, we wanted to share a few of our very own product innovations that have got us talking here at From our SPARQ HOME whiskey stones that are made from recyled soapstone (a material which naturally retains it's chilled temperature when popped in a freezer), to our SAGAFORM fruit infusing pistons that have taken the UK by storm as the trend for healthy-food-on-the-go just keeps on growing. Here's a rundown on our top 10 -

Sagaform ice shot mould
Serve a shot of your favourite tipple in icy style, with this innovative shot glass mould by Sagaform. Perfect for any celebration - simply fill with water, add a few herbs or berries, freeze and then serve to your guests... a great way to get the party started!

Sagaform FRESH water bottle with fruit piston
Ditch the morning coffee and opt for a fresh fruit infusion instead - the ultimate health kick whilst on the go. Fuse oranges, lemons, apples, in fact anything you fancy with this latest innovation by Sagaform. Produced in tritan plastic and free from harmful BPA chemicals, this fruit infuser ticks every box on the healthy product front. And more importantly, it's pretty heavy duty too, so ideal for using day to day at the office, in the gym or just on your general travels.

Sagaform self-watering cone
This genius self-watering cone is a total must-have to keep plants hydrated whilst away from home. Simply attach the cone to a standard screw cap plastic bottle and then turn to sit in the plant pot. The small filtration holes slowly release water to ensure your plants stay fresh and happy!

Garject by Dreamfarm
When Dreamfarm confidently told us, 'this is the best garlic crusher in the World', we understandably had high expectations. And to be fair, even they were exceeded! Garject presses unpeeled garlic, scrapes itself clean and even ejects the peel. All the garlic ends up in your meal - not on your hands - but best of all, your Garject practically cleans itself in the process. 

Savel by Dreamfarm
Save whatever’s left over - Savel is a flexible food saver that covers cut food and keeps it fresh. Whether you’ve cut a wedge out of a lemon, have half an avocado left, or want to save the last wedge of a lime, Savel has you covered and can keep your cut food fresh for up to a week.

Monbento MB Lib

Soups and salads stay fresh on the go with this re-invention of the classic soup bowl and spoon. Thanks to the air-tight lid and double-walled exterior to keep foods warm, the MB Lib can also be popped into the microwave to heat up your lunch at the office. Its irresistible curves have been specially designed to allow you to hold with 1 or 2 hands and is available in 4 matching colour-ways. 

Tempour by Soiree Home
The Tempour is a bottle chiller, filter, pourer and wine stopper - all in one. Keep your wine and spirits at an optimal temperature, from the inside out. This drip-free pourer chills and refines with total ease, so all you have to do is worry about the serving! The Tempour is a modular system and includes a stainless steel pourer, sediment filter, detachable gel-filled chiller and silicon bottle stopper, which has also been designed to fit the Soiree wine aerator. The Tempour does it all and is great to use for red, rose and white wine. 

Zuperzozial Hungry kids set

The original biodegradable tableware collection... Zuperzozial is not only zuper stylish but, also kind to the environment too. Made from natural bamboo & corn powder to bind it together, Zuperzozial is completely durable for multiple-uses and food-use approved by both EU & US regulators. The entire range is ethically produced and takes around 3 years to degrade once disposed of. Zuperzozial is non-stain too, so you can use for serving anything, from tasty dressed salads to presenting your speciality spaghetti Bolognese – ideal for the little ones! The rustic, almost stone-like feel to the range, also complements perfectly the philosophy behind this collection.

SPARQ Home Sake set
Sleek, simple, and beautifully hand-crafted, this Sake set embraces the natural elegance of soapstone. The slightly rounded cups are designed for you're comfort, whilst the tall carafe will add stature to the table. Once served, the soapstone will insulate and matintain the warmth of your Sake thanks to the materials natural heat retaining qualitities, so this Asiain inspired beverage can be enjoyed without losing heat.

SPARQ Whiskey rocks (se of 12 small)
Made from recycled soapstone in Colorado, these innovative ice cube substitutes will chill your favourite spirit without diluting it. Simply freeze, drop, and drink. For the early birds, these multifunctional rocks can also double as coffee and tea stones. Pop one or two rocks into the microwave, drop them in your mug and enjoy your heated drink for twice as long.

To find out more about The British Science Festival taking place in Bradford from 7th-10th September 2015... just click here!

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