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27 May 2015

The rise in popularity for infusing waters is no surprise really when you consider both the obvious health benefits and feel-good flavours that bloggers across the globe are whipping up for us all to try. Water equals hydration, which means only good things for our bodies both on the inside and out. On the visual front, water still stands as our best natural resource for keeping our complexions fresh and gorgeous, whilst also flushing away all those pesky toxins that gather internally on a daily basis. Quite simply, there is nothing negative to say about this precious substance – especially when it's not doused in sugar and fake flavours.

Infused waters bursting with natural antioxidants and detoxifying goodness guarantee improvements to your skins appearance and elasticity almost immediately according to research on the website and this is all down to the clever mix of herbs and fruit blended together in the recipes such websites have perfected. More unusal benefits to staying hydrated listed on this website include: the transportation of oxygen around the body, protection of organs to keep them functioning effectively and joint lubrication to help them manoeuvre easily. Interesting facts that many of us probably do not consciously consider on a daily basis... that is of course, until we all start infusing! A trend that in our opinion is here to stay.

But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so here’s a few tasty visual’s and delicious recipe ideas we've found online to tickle your tastebuds with and adapt for when on the go (click web links for full details)...

Strawberry, lemon and basil twist by 

Watermelon and mint mix by

Blueberry hit with lemon and mint by

Mixed herb detox by

Audrey Johns has even dedicated and launched an entire blog on the subject matter of fruit infusing, after losing an incredible 10 stone in weight over a 12 month period, by including a fruit infusion within her daily regime and as part of a balanced exercise and diet plan. Audrey has even published a book showcasing all her fav recipes after a friend and friends of friends bombarded her with requests - our top picks include: rosemary and strawberry detox water, lemon water with blueberries and mint, day spa mango ginger water, strawberry lime spritzser and honeydew mojito workout water. Discover all of Audrey’s recipes at and to order the book click here. With a fresher flavour, less sugar, minimal calories, no chemicals and more hydration than any commercial rival or fruit juice on the market, we can see why so many of us are ditching the sugary drinks and turning to the fruit infusing revolution instead.
And for a little treat after all this healthy living, why not tap into the latest craze of 'infusing your booze' for a party! Our Sagaform fruit pistons are ideal for a cocktail on the go at a bbq, beach party, or even a summer music festival. Simply swap a concentrate mix for your favourite flavours... we love a naturally sparkling water, fresh strawberries, a squeeze of lime and a dash of vodka!

For more booze infused ideas check out

Image by
So what are we all waiting for? Tell your friends, prepare a drink to share with your family and take in a bottle to wow at work... it’s time to get the entire Nation on a fruit infusing mission!
View our fruit infusing piston collection here


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