Design Focus - Hanna Werning

02 September 2014

To launch our new website, we are thrilled to welcome Swedish Designer Hanna Werning to The Forma Blog and our brand new feature - Focus on Designers.

Hanna trained as a graphic designer in London and went on to work as a senior designer at Foundation 33 for clients including; Channel 4, Island Records, MTV, and The Serpentine Gallery. Since 2004, she has been running her own company Spring Street Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and is mostly known for her stunning portfolio of animal-themed patterns running across wallpaper, textiles and homewares. Hanna has picked up 3 Elle Decoration Design Awards in Sweden and current clients include: Wallvison, Borås Cotton, Rörstrand, IKEA, House of Dagmar, Lagom Design, Eastpak and teNeues Verlag.

Hanna recently designed the hugely succsessful Fantasy collection for Sagaform. Here she talks about the inspiration behind her work and shares some thoughts on future trends in design...

Hanna Werning 

Photo by Jimmy Eriksson

Welcome to the Forma Blog Hanna, you trained at Central St Martins and worked as a designer in London, has that time spent in the UK inspired your work in  general?

 Definitely, I would not have achieved the kind of work that I do today without my time in  London. I was very inspired by the multidisciplinary way of thinking & working, by all the  people from different parts of the world living & sharing one crowded city, and by the  architecture where past & present collide and connect.
Many of your designs focus on the natural environment, was that a conscious decision and a theme you like to explore in general?
I have always felt close to nature. Nature has a form of genius, it doesn’t need any explanation. Nature is both basic and magic, it’s vivid, complex, exiting and joyful – things that I wish to achieve within my own work.
Fantasy is your latest collection for Sagaform, can you tell us a bit about the concept behind it?
The concept started as a glassware range for every occasion, such as breakfast, lunch, or a garden party. The idea was to create one main pattern, from which I could select singular elements to create additional decors.
Once an idea clicks, how do you then turn that into a reality? Is there a certain process you tend to stick to, or is each project different?
Over time I have developed a way of processing and progressing, where I do lots of research. I think in advance and after, but during the actual action of drawing, I don’t want to think at all, I need to do this so I can get into a creative flow.

Fantasy range by Sagaform

Scandinavian design is so popular here in the UK, why do you think this is?

The Scandinavian approach to design is often useful, clever and clean, it provides comfort and enriches daily life. I find it sustainable in both material and aesthetics. However I can't really claim that my work qualifies into this field. I derive more from the Scaninavian 60s & 70s - a revolutionary and colourful era of astethics. English humour is also very appreciated in Scandinavia, which might also be a reason - in the sense that we have an understanding of each other.
What trend or key colours do you see emerging as the next big thing in homewares?
I believe in fair trade, recycling, biodynamic food, saving energy and homegardening etc. I belive in the respect my grandmother had towards nature and her own wallet. She reused every small plastic bag and every piece of food in her cupboard. So, the next big thing is to act with respect in every decision we take - not just think or speak about it. I see this philosophy emerging in all the new young designers working towards a better world for every living creature. Slowly the same will apply for the next big thing in homeware.
If you could design anything in the World what would it be?
Something that does not yet exist.
And finally, who are your design icons?
There are so many inspiring people and collectives, here are some; Ray & Charles Eames, Zuzana Licko, Diana Vreeland and 10-gruppen.

Fantasy by Hanna Werning

To view Hanna's portfolio and find out more about her work click here 
View the Fantasy collection designed by Hanna Werning


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