CrushGrind - Top 5 grinders for summer 2017

30 March 2017

Salt & Pepper mills have never looked so good...

Recognised globally as the original designers of ceramic grinders, CrushGrind have sold in access of 50 million mechanisms and are reliably used on dining tables and in homes the World over. The collection spans a varying mix of designs & materials to cater for all tastes and styles. Every product however, has one common theme - you can 'adjust the crush' and set the grind to your personal liking. Ideal for when you are looking to add a heavier kick of flavour whilst cooking in the kitchen. Add in a collection of 'no spill' mills and we're pretty confident CrushGrind's got it all covered to deliver a delicious taste enhancement every time you grind. 


- Adjust the crush to your liking thanks to CrushGrinds patented grinding mechanism

- NO SPILL feature on the Stockholm line

- Minimum 10 or 25 years guarantee on ceramic parts (depending on model)

- One size fits all: suitable for grinding salt, pepper and whole spices

- All CrushGrind products are designed to enhance flavour: using whole spices instead of pre-prepared ground mixes helps keep aromas and flavours intact. Simply ‘Crush & Grind’ to release the essential oils of the whole spice into your food with CrushGrind’s high end ceramic grinding mechanism


Jasmin works perfectly for all different kinds of dried herbs and spices, as it is easy to clean, and easy to see the spice inside the transparent glass jar. The grinder unit is also placed upside-down and therefore does not leave spice dust on the table or kitchen work surface. The unique element to this particular product is the EasyFill feature - how you fill the spice. Simply pull the black grinder top upwards and unscrew the grinder mechanism. Fill the spice into the glass jar and assemble the product again. The Jasmin spice grinder is one of our most popular items - used both at restaurants and in private households.
Height: 11.2cm
Materials: Black plastic & Glass
Handwash only

Copenhagen is the pinnacle of our CrushGrind collection and sets new standards for crank handle grinders. It is made from high grade stainless steel and designed in a retro shape that gives a masculine and industrial look. The Copenhagen can be used for salt, pepper and all kinds of dried herbs and spices. It is an extremely high output grinder and is superior to others when you need to grind larger volumes of spices. It has a built-in EasyFill function where you simply slide the door to the side and ‘fill’ the product.
Height: 10.5cm
Materials: High grade stainless steel
Handwash only

No 1 bestseller
Stockholm represents the best of Scandinavian design traditions thanks to it's simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Stockholm is our first product with the new innovation CrushGrind No Spill feature. It has a gate at the bottom of the grinder that open’s when you press the top down whilst grinding - and will close when you release the pressure. Annoying pepper residues stay inside the grinder when placed on the table.
Height: 16.8cm or 19.5cm
Materials: oak or walnut finish
£30 - £40

Chicago is a mini wooden grinder. Traditional in style and perfect for pepper & salt. A favourite at restaurants and cafes because of it's size, this product also features an EasyFill design - how you fill the spice. Simply pull the top part upwards to easily fill spice into the product. Fast and easy - no need to loosen a metal knob and fill through a tiny opening.
Height: 9.2cm & 12cm
Materials: Birch or oak wood
£18 - £24

The Brazil is powered by the CrushGrind® coffee grinding system - a new innovation by IDEAS Denmark. It sets new standards within consumer products for grinding fresh coffee, which should always be ground instantly before brewing for the best flavour and aroma. And with the Brazil coffee grinder this can be done effortlessly and set to your exact favourite coarseness, anywhere between a French Press or Turkish quality. The Brazil coffee grinder consists of an ‘adjust your crush’ grinder and a supporting base. The base holds the product firmly at an ergonomic angle and makes grinding easy.
Simply pop the coffee beans into the container by taking off the handle and lifting up the lid. Set the grinder at your preferred coarseness. Fix the clear container onto the grinder by rotating/pressing. Place product in the base - fix the pin into the hole of the base. Place handle on the product and grind until all beans have been crushed. Brew your coffee - and enjoy!
Materials: ABS plastic, acrylic & stainless steel
Hand wash only

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