Celebrating Great British Design - Flip Carafe by Sagafom

16 February 2018

Introducing the Flip Carafe... Sagaform have teamed up with London's Studio Levien - in this first collaboration for the brand with a British product design house - to produce the Flip Carafe, a smart flip-top serving jug that prevents ice from coming out, as well as stopping spills as you pour thanks to the built-in filter system. 

We caught up with award-winning designer Robin Levien - who headed-up the project - to find out more about the product and innovation behind it... 

In the designers own words... Flip Carafe for Sagaform by Robin Levien

The innovation is all in the lid which combines a cover, an ice retaining grid and a pouring spout. The design fully exploits the wonderful characteristics of silicone rubber. Through clever handling of the geometry and thicknesses of this material, the push fit lid transforms between a cover and a pouring spout.

It is very difficult to make non drip containers in ceramics and glass, the Sagaform Flip Carafe works brilliantly in this regard. The thin sharp edge of the pouring spout cuts off the flow of liquid very cleanly, it is impossible to get any liquid to run down the outside of the carafe. An additional feature of the lid design is that by a finger push in the right place at the back, the cover pops up so avoiding touching the end of the spout over which the liquid flows.

The Flip Carafe is an all year round product, it will fit neatly in the fridge door and always be ready with your chilled water. In the summer your fruit juices and fruit flavoured water are for you and not the wasps.The ice retaining grid (fitted into the pouring mechanism) is the Swedish warning sign for an icy road - a reminder to make the most of the warm summer months.

The brief to Studio Levien was to design products that bring theatre to the table, distinctive yet familiar and with a smile. The Flip carafe delivers on all these and is destined to be a star on the kitchen catwalk.

Sagaform's Flip Carafe - vital stats:
- Made from glass & silicone
- Dishwasher safe
- Capacity 1L
- Colourways: Red/Grey/Blue
- RRP: £30
- Presented in a gift box

Commissioned By Sagaform:
Celebrating Great British Design... The Flip Carafe - a Studio Levien design collaboration.

The Sagaform Flip Carafe collection by Robin Levien


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