3 Actions After The Climate Strike

01 October 2019

The Global Climate Strike started on Friday 20th September for a full seven days and made a historical mark in over 150 countries demanding a shift in environmental conscious decisions. It's an uplifting moment to witness especially with the younger generation at the forefront of the activism and organisation behind the climate crisis.

There are plenty suggested ways on contributing to the safety of our planet, including vegetarianism, veganism, zero waste lifestyles and living as a minimalist. We took inspiration from our eco-friendly brand Zuperzozial and came up with four ways to take serious action in everyday life for achieving social and environmental change. 

1.  Use less plastic containers/packaging and switch to paperbags for storing your fruit, vegetables and sandwiches. Zuperzozial's On-the-Road Washable paperbag comes in different sizes, suitable for baguettes, wraps or loose fruit and available in either black or brown. This product can encourage you to buy less packaged sandwiches from local supermarkets on your lunch breaks and switch to preparing them at home. Buying fresh bread from the supermarket can be affordable however always check if the packaging for branded breads are recyclable if you choose to not buy fresh bread. It's also worth buying loose fruit and vegetable that can be stored in your reusable shopping. 

2.  If a flat white is your regular coffee in the morning, reduce the amount of plastic lid waste and grab a Mini Cruiser Travel Mug made of natural materials. As well as improving environmental consciousness, you can enjoy a coffee in warm pastel-toned cups which is Zuperzozial's aim of taking care of the planet in style. This to-go cup comes with silicone lid and sleeve suitable for hot and cold beverages. 

3. Zuperzozial's Bamboo drinking straws are a great alternative to plastic straws as they can be reused, recycled and decomposed within 3 years unlike plastic. Plastic drinking straws are having a negative impact on sea life and polluting our planet. They can take up to 200 years to degrade which means they live longer than us and reducing our time to live on the planet. The great resuable factor about these drinking straws is they come with a cleaning brush to remove any excess from all the different beverages we enjoy. 

4. Jump on the bamboo trend with Zuperzozial's new Bamboo Toothbrush from the AW19 collection. These are a friendly alternative from plastic toothbrushes and 100% biodegradable so in the long term we can cut down plastic wastage in the sea and landfill. 


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